Hours of Operation: Mon - Fri 8:00am - 8:00pm

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Committed to Inclusive Education Building, Positive and Indiscriminate Learning Environment, and Valuable Knowledge that influences and shapes many lives in communities.


Our mission is to provide accessible resources to our diverse communities-unmatchable school programs for youth, develop a new curriculum that promotes language and cultural heritage-reflects our multicultural and multilingual society. Working collaboratively with our partners to connect families communities with useful resources.                                                          

Welcome To Association for South Sudanese Languages Institute

We are ASSLI-community- based organization that provides unmatchable programs and inclusive services to the community around the globe. We value our employees and give special recognition to our staff and volunteers for their tireless work and their remarkable contributions. We stand against any form of discrimination, inequality, injustice and/or any kind of practices that may negatively manipulate or influence our policies-we strongly believe that all employees and volunteers should be treated equally regardless of their social or economic status. 

We learn as we grow, so our collaborations, cooperations, and communications strengthen our everyday work to overcome barriers and challenges.  Our qualified and dedicated supervisors, coordinators, and directors bring unique experiences and knowledge to the workplace. ASSLI's services can be accessed by anyone without discrimination.


John Chol
Due to COVID-19 Pandemic, our office hours have changed-our youth activities such as Youth Cooking and Cultural Integration, Our Kids Ottawa Homework Club, Adult Class Secessions, August Student Dinner, and Language Project Program, Nuer Saturday Class are currently re-opened, and we are working collaboratively with our partners in transitioning and shifting to online learning and off-site working strategy until things turn back to normal. We are also monitoring and following the guidelines and restricted rules on lockdown that government and Health Authorities have put in place during this difficult time.

 Thank you for your understanding and stay safe.