Who Are We?

We are a researchable Institute that connects great ideas with potential goals

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Welcome to ASSLI

We at the Association for South Sudanese Languages Institute (ASSLI) are a community-based organization that offers unparalleled programs and inclusive services to the global community. We cherish our staff members and give special recognition to our volunteers and staff for their selfless labor and outstanding accomplishments. We firmly think that all employees and volunteers should be treated equally regardless of their social or economic standing and that we must stand against any type of discrimination, inequality, unfairness, and/or activities that may negatively affect or influence our policies. Because we learn as we grow, our collaborations, cooperation, and communications make our daily efforts to overcome obstacles and challenges stronger. Our competent and devoted managers, coordinators, and directors offer a variety of skills and expertise to the workplace, Everyone can use ASSLI's services without restriction.

Our Programs

Our various programs are funded by the Unity Way, Social Planning Council of Ottawa, Rotary Club of Ottawa, and Ottawa Community Foundation.


The YCCI project promotes awareness of good eating habits and more importantly provides basic cooking integration skills for many children in the refugee and immigrant communities- build a strong foundation to preserve cultural food and eat healthy food in their respective communities.

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Kids Club
An after-school program called Our Kids Ottawa Homework Club assists children in grades one through twelve with a wide range of courses. Our committed volunteers are university and college students who have competence in a variety of fields, including math, english, french, biology, chemistry, and physics.
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Youth Leadership Training (YLT) has various components such as employment training, social and racial awareness, and communication skills that will enable young people to overcome challenges and barriers in the immigrant and refugee communities, etc.

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