Hours of Operation: Mon - Fri 8:00am - 8:00pm

Our Main Office in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Welcome to the Main Office

ASSLi's Head Office is located in the heart of the Captial City of Canada-Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Our committed staff team members and volunteers work tirelessly every day to expand and achieve the objectives of the organization. The Main Office is divided into four different departments: Culture and Community Development, Media and Communications,  Finance and Accounting, and Social Services and Consultant, and each department is led by a director who brings unique experiences and diverse ideas that will continue benefiting our clients and promote the organization.  These departments are supervised by the Executive Director with clear mandates and defined vision, mission, and objectives.

John J. Chol

Co-founders and Executive Director

Bolis Wal

Co-founder and Director of Languages and Research Communication 

Gabriel Wur

Co-founder and Director of Social Services and Consultant

Jal Mayot Kuong

Co-founder and Director of Finance and Accounting:

Nyang Dok

Co-founder and Director of Culture and Community Development

Sarah Wang 

Coordinator of Cultural Integration and Youth Advisor

Lina Gador

Youth Coordinator

Both Gakah

Technical Writer

Nyayalyal Lual

Financial Assistance

Nyhoal Thach


Nyajal Wal


Madiw Chakuen

Social Work