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Directors' experiences

Mr. Chol has been the Executive Director of the Association for South Sudanese Languages Institute (ASSLi) since its inception. Mr. Chol holds a Master's degree in International Relations and Conflict Resolution from School of Security and Global Studies- American Military and Public Univerity System in Virginia, the U.S.,  and B.A  in Political Science from Memorial Univerity of Newfoundland, Canada. Mr. Chol has worked for different organizations and has been volunteering with various organizations including Ottawa Crime Prevention (City of Ottawa). Mr. Chol believes in prioritizing multitasks----- giving them the capacity to work for the benefit of the organization and he is allowing them to carry out their own determination to study the direction of the organization and to contribute ideas according to organization's shared vision. John is encouraged by the engagement and the involvement of his team in the entire organization activities because the team is made up of different experts in their fields.

Mr. Wal has a Diploma in Business Administration from Algonquin College, Ottawa, Ontario Canada, and currently pursuing a Bachelor's Degree in  Media and Business Communication from.....  Mr. Wal

Mr. Wur has an Advance Diploma from Seneca College at York, Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Mr. Wur brings

Mr. Kuong is a Second Year-Social Work student at Carleton University, and Post Secondary Certificate in Human Resources Management, Calgary University, Alberta, Canada. 
The finance and accounting department is made up of people who are working in general accounting and payroll. Jal is our finance director and he is managing the documents for the financing department Also, he is a part of our team since 2017 and he has been extremely competent throughout those years. He is a caring director, which possibly describes why many of our community members have been still volunteering with ASSLI for more than three years.

Mr. Dok had held senior positions in Sudanese Community,